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About: The Artist

     Eve Walding is an award-winning artist born in New York, raised in California and currently residing in Texas. Having been an active painter for over 20 years, she specializes in portraiture for both oil and watercolor mediums. Subjects tend to include wildlife, pets and exotic animals. 

    After studying fine art under the Master's program in the Academy of Arts San Francisco, Eve's work has been shown in many galleries across the U.S., including IntegriTea (Vallejo, CA), Richardson Civic Center (Richardson, TX) and Deep Ellum Art Co. (Dallas, TX). 

About: The Art

Using non traditional techniques to accomplish a more traditional style, Eve uses high quality and paints and mediums to achieve the best results for a commission. The goal is to achieve a one of a kind heirloom quality artifact, one that can be passed down from generation to generation without much degradation in quality.

The paint used for both oil and watercolor is a blend between Old Holland and Willamsburg, both known for outstanding professional and top archival quality. The mediums for oils are Chelsea Classics and vegetable-based solvents and this is essential for a toxic-free home, since most other solvents are petroleum based. Cadmiums, cobalts and lead based paint are also avoided when possible.

For watercolor, Arches hot press 100% archival cotton paper is used. Heavy (300 lb.) paper is used for sizes over 18 x 24.

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