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   Simply fill out the order form below. The artist will directly contact you and will discuss further what you wish to complete a truly personalized pet portrait.

   All portraits are %100 hand drawn and painted from the U.S. using fine professional grade materials!

Popular Sizes and Pricing Chart 

Size    --- Watercolor / Oils

6x8    --- $75 / $80

8x10  --- $100 / $120

9x12  --- $125 / $140

11x14 --- $150 / $165

12x16 --- $175 / $200

16x20 --- $220 / $250

18x24 --- $250 / $300

Price shown includes shipping and tax;

painting will be shipped flat unless size exceeds 18x24, then it will be shipped rolled in a tube unless specifically requested otherwise.

Pet Portrait Order Form


Thank you for your time and interest!!!


Step 1: Fill out order form

Fill out the order form with as much detail as you wish to provide to get me an idea of how you want your painting to look. This includes but is not limited to, type of background, lighting, number of pets, etc. Let your imagination guide you! You are not limited to templates or pre-made backgrounds.


Step 2: Discuss Details with the Artist

After completing the order form
the artist will contact you directly, making sure you receive the highest quality commissioned art possible. You will be getting a one of a kind artwork!
Timeline from start of painting till finish is roughly 14-21 days. This includes drawing and rendering but not drying. Dry time for Watercolors is 2 days and up to a month for oils. Larger oil paintings (18 x 24+) can take up to three months to dry.


Step 3: Upload Photo of Pet

Using a smart phone or high-quality
digital camera, take the picture in the
day with sunlight on the pet's face.
Try to have the angle as close to the pet's point of view as much as possible - try to avoid standing tall above the pet to prevent extreme angles.
Sometimes portraits are for deceased pets, making this impossible. All care will be taken in this case to restore the image as faithfully as possible, even in the event of damaged Polaroids! Please note, Photo Restoration services may take some additional time.


Step 4: Approve your proof!

After the picture is submitted, the artist will create a small mockup of the painting. At this time any changes can be requested. Once proof is approved, a small deposit will be required to begin the painting process. 
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